Philippines Stars Eligibility Resolved

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ICC Resolve Eligibility Dispute

By Llewelyn Hoy


The International Cricket Council (ICC) has approved the eligibility of Philippines players Daniel Smith and Henry Tyler for the 2017 ICC World Cricket League Qualifier – East Asia-Pacific. The two players have played a lot of cricket overseas and were seen to be ineligible based on the additional development criteria required for a regional competition. Daniel Smith has played cricket regularly for Gordon in Sydney’s first grade competition and has also played in the UK for Kent’s second XI as well as two seasons in Canterbury club cricket. In Article 3.2.1 of the ICC Player Eligibility Regulations states:

“the Player has played in a minimum of 50% of the domestic league matches that the club
team of which he is a member was scheduled to play within the relevant National Cricket
Federation’s domestic structure in any 3 of the immediately preceding 5 domestic league

The dispute had arisen between the ICC and the Philippines Cricket Association over the interpretation and application of this article. The dispute went to the ICC Dispute Resolution Committee and the chairman of the committee, the Hon Michael Beloff QC, ruled in favour of the two players, deeming them eligible to compete in Bendigo on Sunday.

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