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Top 5 Shave Tips for Men

Whether you love or hate shaving, our top shaving tips will help you get a closer, more comfortable shave each time you put that razor against your skin.

1. Shower before you shave

A warm shower will open up your pores and follicles, allowing your hair to protrude as much as possible. The more your hair is protruding out of the skin, the cleaner the shave will be.

2. Use a face wash made for men before you shave

The most important step of shaving comes even before you shave. If your skin is not clean and prepared, you will get a terrible shave, no matter how great your blade or cream is. Use a men’s face wash on your skin and neck before you shave to cleanse away any dead skin cells, oil, or grime that may impair the razor from getting as close as possible to your skin. We highly recommend using a face scrub for men 2 – 3x a week before you shave to further remove dead skin cells. Simply put, the less friction a blade has to deal with, the closer your shave will be.

3. Use a single blade

Sure, the thought of a razor with 11 blades sounds really cool, but in reality, your skin hates it. Your face is not meant to have a blade of steel rub against it, let alone 2 or 3 blades. Start using a single blade dispensable razor or even better, a safety razor.

4. Stop using lathering shave cream

A big, frothy lather can be cool, but not if it’s killing your skin. The chemicals used to make lather are incredibly irritating and toxic to the skin. Use a non-foaming or non-lathering natural shave cream on your skin to get a closer shave. Once you get used it, you won’t go back.

5. Keep skin hydrated post shave

Aftershave or some type of men’s facial moisturizer is necessity post shave to prevent in-grown hairs and irritation. It can take up to 48 hours for your skin to heal after a shave and keeping it hydrated during that 48 hour period is the best defense to prevent late to the party irritation from showing up.


Patrick on April 22 2020 at 03:36PM

Wonder and educative seriously I have been doing wrong think with shaving ..I need more light on shaving

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