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About CricketPasifika

4CricketPasifika is the only cricket website to specifically feature the Pacific island nations and was founded in 2015. CricketPasifika seeks to grant the media attention deserved by the vast talent found in the Pacific region. The Pacific is a beacon for the rest of the world that shows that the Spirit of Cricket is living and active and we are inspired by their enthusiasm, energy, respect and love that islanders have for the game.

CricketPasifika is an advocate for the Globalisation of the game of cricket. We believe that the recommendations found in the independent governance review (2012) of the International Cricket Council (ICC) conducted by Lord Woolf should be implemented with immediate effect. We are opposed to the reduction of the Cricket World Cup to 10 teams. We regard the 2014 take over of the ICC by the Board of Control for Cricket India, Cricket Australia and the England and Wales Cricket Board as an injustice and against the very Spirit of the Game.

We believe that Cricket should encourage equality among all nations and that everyone should have the right to represent their country on the cricketing field. We believe in true meritocracy where talent, skill and performance, not money dictate a nation’s place in global cricket. If you would like to learn more about CricketPasifika please contact the Editor.

The Editor is Llewelyn Hoy, a former performance analyst and program development officer in Vanuatu.