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Cricket Rankings

Associate and Affiliate cricket rankings are often neglected by mainstream media. On CricketPasifika you can find the major rankings systems currently in service: The ICC, Alistair Gordon’s and Shane Booth’s.


Official Ranking

The official International Cricket Council rankings for men can be found here and for women here, however they are rarely up to date, limited in the number of countries represented and are not often a good reflection of the standard of cricket.


ICC Rankings | World Cricket League

Below I’ve listed the ICC Rankings of the countries below the ICC World Cricket League Championship in the Divisional structure in men’s international cricket.

Rank Country WCL Division
21 Oman 2
22 Canada 2
23 Singapore 3
24 United States of America 3
25 Uganda 4
26 Malaysia 4
27 Denmark 4
28 Bermuda 4
29 Jersey 4
30 Vanuatu 4
31 Qatar 5
32 Italy Regional
33 Germany Regional
34 Guernsey Regional
35 Ghana Regional
36 Cayman Islands Regional


Updated after the 2017 ICC WCL Division Five in South Africa.


ICC Rankings | Women’s World Cup Qualifier

Below I’ve listed the ICC Rankings of the countries below the ICC Women’s Championship based on the results of the Women’s World Cup Qualifier.

Rank Country
11* Zimbabwe
11* Scotland
13* Thailand
13* Papua New Guinea

*Provisional ranking based on results from the 2017 ICC Women’s World Cup Qualifier. Rankings will change once the ICC regional qualifiers have taken place.

Updated after the 2017 ICC Women’s World Cup Qualifier.


Associate and Affiliate Ranking Systems


Alistair Gordon’s Ranking

There are two quality ranking systems currently in service for Associate and Affiliate Cricket. The first, Alistair Gordon’s ranking system, has a separate One Day, Twenty20 and a third combined ranking of both One Day and T20. His website is updated on the first of each month and can be found at


Shane Booth’s Ranking

The second of the ranking systems is the most complete ranking system that I have come across. Shane Booth’s system is like Gordon’s in that it has a One Day and Twenty20 ranking, however Booth’s has one for Men and Women and also one for Men’s Multi Day Cricket too.

CricketPasifika displays Booth’s complete Associate and Affiliate rankings at the links below:

Men’s One Day | Men’s Twenty20 | Men’s Multi Day | Women’s One Day | Women’s Twenty20

You can find his website here with more information on his ranking system: